Week Nine: August 5-9

Register for Imagine Art by week. You can register for a week of all morning classes, all afternoon classes, or both for a full week! To register for a full week, you must register for both the morning and afternoon session of a week. Please double check that it is the correct week and age level for your child before registering.
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Grades 1-5: Doodle Away

9:30 AM-12:00 PM (Class ID: QE9A)

Tuition: $250 Member/$300 Non-Member

Get ready for a week of artful madness! Campers will dive into the world of watercolors, learning how to create magical effects with just a few brushstrokes. Campers will make their  very own sketchbook to fill with their most imaginative doodles. Finishing off the week by painting a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


1:00-3:30 PM (Class ID: QE9B)

Tuition: $250 Member/$300 Non-Member

In this camp, participants will learn to create beautiful invitations and greeting cards by exploring typography, concept drawing, and design elements. They will also learn to draw 3D creatures with shading, blending, and mapping techniques, developing skills that would make even the most talented artist envious.

Grades 6-8: The Stage is Yours

CANCELLED: 9:30 AM-12:00 PM (Class ID: QM9A)

Tuition: $250 Member/$300 Non-Member

This class is ideal for kids who love to learn, create, and perform. Participants will shape a "Red Light, Green Light" script with their unique personality and sense of humor and create sock puppets to star in the show. The class ends with a final performance that parents and friends can attend.


1:00-3:30 PM (Class ID: QM9B)

Tuition: $250 Member/$300 Non-Member

This week, campers will craft a poem that sings the song of your soul, using words that paint a vivid picture of who you are. Share it with your buddies in the group, titling it "I am from." They will then use their creativity to make clay woodland creatures in Nature's Animals.