Our Mission and Values

White Bear Center for the Arts' Mission is to:

ENRICH LIVES by Celebrating Art
NOURISH IMAGINATION by Inspiring Creativity
BUILD UNDERSTANDING by Connecting People

Our Core Values:


Creativity is at the heart of what we do. We are open to what’s new and willing to experiment in the interest of adventurous programming that inspires creativity.


We strive to maintain a culture, environment, and inclusive community where all feel welcome, cared for, and valued.


We treat each other and all we encounter with respect. We respect diverse art, cultures, and ideas.


We believe in learning and enriching lives by experiencing art and the creative process. We strive to provide growth opportunities for all abilities and ages.


We seek to provide art, learning experiences, and work products of the highest quality.


We are committed to fulfilling our mission, authentically living our values, and being accountable and responsible stewards of WBCA’s resources.

White Bear Center for the Arts' Vision, 2025:

White Bear Center for the Arts is a diverse and growing community widely known for enriching lives, nourishing imagination and building understanding through art. Embodying hospitality, quality and respect for all, it is a dynamic and inspiring center where all are welcome to celebrate art, connect with their creativity and connect with one another.

The Center garners national attention by attracting celebrated artists, receiving an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, and being featured in prominent publications. White Bear Center for the Arts is generously supported in ways that assure its sustainability.

White Bear Center for the Arts is an exciting destination with a campus featuring facilities, attractions and programs that serves as a magnet for visitors from far and wide.  It is a hub of activity called "White Bear's treasure" by many; the city of White Bear is coming to be known as "White Bear, a center for the arts."

Most notably the Center has preserved what made it special since its beginning: a welcoming, caring, passionate and creative community. More people of all ages and cultures proudly call White Bear Center for the Arts "My Center."