Week Three: June 24-28

Register for Imagine Art by week. You can register for a week of all morning classes, all afternoon classes, or both for a full week! To register for a full week, you must register for both the morning and afternoon session of a week. Please double check that it is the correct week and age level for your child before registering.
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Grades 1-5: Make a Masterpiece

9:30 AM-12:00 PM (Class ID: QE3A)

Tuition: $250 Member/$300 Non-Member

Camp week 3 starts with a painting party where you'll use paint techniques to bring animal portraits to life. Later in the week, you'll become a scavenger and use natural treasures to create a unique masterpiece.


1:00-3:30 PM (Class ID: QE3B)

Tuition: $250 Member/$300 Non-Member

This week of camp is designed to encourage creativity, self-expression, and engagement in various art projects. The projects include Mirrored Name Drawing, I am Poem, Half-Self Portrait, Crest Self-Portrait, Favorite Food Self-Portrait, and Picasso Self-Portrait, each with its unique theme and art medium.

Grades 6-8: Here Comes the Sun

9:30 AM-12:00 PM (Class ID: QM3A)

Tuition: $250 Member/$300 Non-Member

Create cyanotype blueprints from leaves and branches. Try relief monoprinting using simple shapes with leaves and grass to add texture. Design and print silkscreen images onto posters or t-shirts.


1:00-3:30 PM (Class ID: QM3B)

Tuition: $250 Member/$300 Non-Member

In this week-long adventure, campers will learn to play with shapes, lines, textures, and colors. Diving into color theory and perfecting blending and shading skills, even using layering techniques to create new colors!