Week Ten: August 12-16

Register for Imagine Art by week. You can register for a week of all morning classes, all afternoon classes, or both for a full week! To register for a full week, you must register for both the morning and afternoon session of a week. Please double check that it is the correct week and age level for your child before registering.
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Grades 1-5: Life’s a Fairy Tale

9:30 AM-12:00 PM-FULL (Class ID: QE10A)

Tuition: $250 Member/$300 Non-Member

In the final week of our camp, we'll be exploring a variety of fun activities. These include creating unique prints with handmade stencils and stamps, sculpting dragons, fairies or princesses out of clay, and building teeny-tiny homes and accessories to match.


1:00-3:30 PM (Class ID: QE10B)

Tuition: $250 Member/$300 Non-Member

In this week-long adventure, campers will learn to play with shapes, lines, textures, and colors. Diving into color theory and perfecting blending and shading skills, even using layering techniques to create new colors!

Grades 6-8: Sculpt & Draw

9:30 AM-12:00 PM (Class ID: QM10A)

Tuition: $250 Member/$300 Non-Member

In this final week of camp, campers can transform their imaginations into a 1-page comic and a mini comic, using their preferred drawing medium. Whether they create a new character or select one of their beloved personalities, it's time to take them on a thrilling adventure!


1:00-3:30 PM (Class ID: QM10B)

Tuition: $250 Member/$300 Non-Member

In week 10 of camp, learn how to create two unique berry bowls using clay, including a basket weave design bowl and a bowl with decorative holes for washing berries. The bowls can be painted with underglazes for added personality.