WriteNow! 2024 Short story selections

The 2023 WriteNow! High School Writing Contest features original writing in poetry, short story, creative nonfiction, and persuasive essay from high schoolers across the Northeast Metro. Scroll on to read this years short stories.

Grades 9 & 10

Award of Excellence: April Hoffoss, “The Librarian of Wishes"

Award of Merit: Alexis Surface, “Next"

Honorable Mention: Lydia Jersak, "Clawdia's Casino"

Abigail Davis, "Carl and Caroline"

Kiera Laffin, "Forever 14"

Danielle Paulene Pineda, "Guilty Delusions"

Lale Akkin, "Painting Flowers"

Madison Alcock, "Rosies"

Nadyne Sattar, "Shifting Bones, Fleeting Crows"

Chloe Meisinger, "The Elephant in the Room (Plane, actually)"

Sofie Olhoft, "The Headstone"

Jessica Aufderhar, "The Hunt"

Amelia Vale, "The Wanderer"

Molly Hulting, "Tick-Tock"

Grades 11 & 12

Award of Excellence: Leo Armstrong, "Hey, Are You There?"

Award of Merit: Pippa Schroeder, "A Writer's Revelation"

Honorable Mention: Kinsley Wilson, "Lethal in the Laboratory"

Layla Verdick, "2199, Oak Street"

Alex Bartel, "A Story All About Regeneratio Bread"

Matthew Brown, "Bridges of Hope: From Immigrant Dreams to Global Impact – The Pharmacist Who Transformed Lives"

Mariah McBride, "Crimson"

Charlotte Bogotty, "Crimson Cape"

Jack Gilbert, "Distance"

Brianna McBride, "Don't Cry"

Mairen Wisti, "Fell a Foot Short"

Emma Zarbok, "Heart of the House"

Gabriella Kraai, "In The Here And Now"

Aliyah Dubale, "Intro to a Great Escapade"

Sophia Schroedl, "On The Shore of the Bloodvein"

Brooklyn Ehlert, "Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood"

Jacob Kennedy, "Revenge of Orton"

Trinity Norman, "The Gas Station"

Jack Gilbert, "The Hunt"

Evalyn Suchy, "The Mill"

Ava Wright, "The Stranger"

Jack Gilbert, "The Tale of Calcius"

Yupheng Vang, "The Therapist"

Ceeta Her, "The Trail to the Afterlife"

Zawa Carney, "The Void"

Erin Pederson, "Together Forever"

Tanner Peterson, "Troxloron"

Zoe Zachrison, "Vamp Kid"