WriteNow! 2024 Poetry Selections

The 2023 WriteNow! High School Writing Contest features original writing in poetry, short story, creative nonfiction, and persuasive essay from high schoolers across the Northeast Metro. Scroll on to read this years selected poems.

Grades 9 & 10

Award of Excellence: Amishi Medicherla, “Arabelle Brooks"

Award of Merit: Alexis Surface, “Old Friend"

Honorable Mention: Isabelle Treft, "The Poems of a Teenage Girl"

Finnian McVeigh, "About the Snow, Behind the Car"

Emily Reeves, "All of Lives Sentiment"

Laney Fliehler, "Beautiful"

Lee Hawthorne, "Dreaming"

Molly Roettger, "Edge of the Universe"

Laney Fliehler, "Enough"

Zoe Anderson, "Fear"

Teagan McCloy, "Flying"

Finnian McVeigh, "For if not our Perception"

Jacquelyn Worden, "Glorious Jungle, All These Things, Last Thing to Do"

Emily Majerle, "Go"

Emily Majerle, "Him"

Miah Vernosh, "Homesick"

Allissa Robinson, "I Killed The Grasshopper"

Miah Vernosh, "Insecurities"

Audrey Heiden, "Kindness is a Choice"

Molly Roettger, "Loneliness"

Miah Vernosh, "Memories"

Amishi Medicherla, "Mortality"

Sally Amundson, "Music Through My Headphones"

Clara Blauer, "My Love, To Sunrise With You"

Sally Amundson, "Nights Like These"

Jaylen Jones, "No Time Off"

April Hoffoss, "Nothing but Joy"

Nadyne Sattar, "Of Terra Firma"

Finnian McVeigh, "Outside Studio 5"

Zoe Anderson, "Pain"

Emily Majerle, "Pancakes, Pancakes"

Alexis Surface, "Petals"

Molly Roettger, "Public"

Aidan Carlson, "Rainy Day"

Zoe Anderson, "Rollercoasters"

Joe Bance, "Roulette"

Nadyne Sattar, "Shipwreak Sail"

Natalie Gruba, "Silent Echoes"

Teagan McCloy, "Stars"

Gracie Peterson, "Sun and Moon"

Freya Sanders, "Sweat"

Rachel Brings, "The Blue"

Amishi Medicherla, "The Seven Thorns"

Annika Robertson, "The Twelfth Day of Christmas"

Nadyne Sattar, "Therein, Forgiveness"

Jaylen Jones, "To You"

Molly Hulting, "Toughen Up"

April Hoffoss, "Uncertainty"

Freya Sanders, "Veins"

Cullen Taylor, "Wandering in the Woods"

Clara Blauer, "Wanting You (Next To Me)"

Lee Hawthrone, "Wax"

Clara Blauer, "You Have Never Really Liked Your Smile"

Grades 11 & 12

Award of Excellence: Meryl Rosenberger, "Our Cherries, Shinier than Ballet Slippers"

Award of Merit: Matthew Brown, “Beyond the Dream: Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.'s Journey

Honorable Mention: Kylie Pigg, “Attachment Issues


Cadence Pompilio, "A Loaded Gun in a Garden of Peace"

Gabriella Kraii, "Borrowed Time"

Eliana Wolf, "Chapel of the Forgotten Heart"

Elizabeth Novack, "Churchmouse"

Jessica Grann, "Cycle of Friendship"

Meryl Rosenberger, "Dad, what is happening?"

Maxine Pagaduan, "Death is a Performance"

Emily Rippentrop, "Depth"

Matthew Brown, "Echoes of Resilience: A Tribute to Black History"

Samantha Keocher, "Eternal Love"

Elizabeth Novack, "Everyday"

Sara Ryan, "Forgetting to Remember & Recrudensce"

Arianna Van-Cook, "Gap"

Arianna Van-Cook, "Glow Stick"

Elise DeBruzzi, "He Woke Up"

Evalyn Suchy, "How Are You, Really?"

Elise DeBruzzi, "How To Honor What's Gone?"

Zawa Carney, "I Dream of You"

Anna Stambaugh, "I Hate Poetry"

Emily Rippentrop, "Inner Space"

Isabelle Yang, "Money Tree"

Emily Rippentrop, "Persist"

Cynthia Meisinger, "Poems IVI II I II IV"

Evalyn Suchy, "Stars"

Jessica Grann, "Tapestry of Home"

Zawa Carney, "The Poems of Discovery"

Zawa Carney, "The Storm"

Maxine Pagaduan, "The Universe Sings for Me"

Gabriella Kraai, "Too Little, Too Much"

Arianna Vann-Cook, "Untitled, No. 1"

Elise DeBruzzi, "Violet Night"

Rylee Poulin, "Winter"