Ann Solyst

Ann Solyst’s oil paintings are a meditative exploration of everyday objects. Preferring to paint on a smooth surface, such as panel or linen canvas, Ann begins each painting with an underpainting and meticulously develops small, simple scenes with numerous, thin layers of paint. These intimate paintings revel in the beauty of often overlooked objects, quietly asking the viewer to come closer and delight in the delicate textures, colors, and forms.


WBCA Classes with Ann:

H2S2 – Beginning Oil Painting Level 2

Instructor: Ann Solyst This follow up class to Beginning Oil Level 1 is perfect for the beginning oil student who has painted with oil before and wants further instruction on…

H1S2 – Beginning Oil Painting Level 1

Instructor: Ann Solyst This class is perfect for the true beginner. Students learn about materials, color, brush strokes, layering, and other foundational skills of oil painting through process focused exercises.…