Week Six: July 24-27

Register for Imagine Art by week. You can register for a week of all morning classes, all afternoon classes, or both for a full week! To register for a full week, you must register for both the morning and afternoon session of a week. Please double check that it is the correct week and age level for your child before registering.
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Grades 2-5:

Morning Session (9:30 AM-12:00 PM): (FULL)
Tuition: $176 Member/$220 Non-Member

  • Day 1: Design your own original character, cut it from fleece, and go crazy decorating it with a world of embellishments and hot glue in Make Your Own Adorable Stuffie with Erika Arndt. Next, create a sidekick or buddy for your character using the scraps. Participants will create, cut, stuff and decorate their pieces; the sewing will be done by the instructor.
  • Day 2: Design your own monster and give them a place to live in Modeling Clay Monster & Box House with Aidan O’Neil. Give your imagination the ultimate test and see how creative you can get!
  • Day 3: Let’s turn recyclables into 3D sculptures! With a little imagination, boxes and empty food packaging can be turned into art in Animal Sculptures with Pamela Hanson. Students are encouraged to imagine, problem solve and create whatever they want using cardboard, tape, glue and paint. Materials will be provided but consider collecting clean recyclables to contribute to the inspiration pile.
  • Day 4: Explore all the colorful duct tape choices as you make a folding wallet, a “magic” wallet, a slingshot, and more in Duct Tape Wallet & Games with Erika Arndt!


Afternoon Session (1:00-3:30 PM):
Tuition: $176 Member/$220 Non-Member

  • Days 1-4: Design a container that resembles who you are in Personality Boxes with Aidan O'Neil! Include creative designs around the whole container and a lid to go on top.

Grades 6-8:

Morning Session (CANCELED):
Tuition: $176 Member/$220 Non-Member

  • Day 1: We start class by creating multiple versions of stylized eyes, mouths and facial features, then mix it up in Fun with Faces with Kristin Camp. We will try all kinds of fun face variations. Students can pick their own variations and students will have the opportunity to pick variations for the entire class.
  • Day 2 & 3: Design and build a stunning and durable freestanding bag using only duct tape and a few other simple materials in Duct Tape Woven Bag 2-Day Workshop with Erika Arndt. The bag is constructed of 2 panels of woven strips of duct tape, plus sides, bottom, and a trusty strap(s). A nifty magnetic closure and your choice of custom pockets will secure your valuables inside! Make complementary accessories such as a coin purse, pouch, wallet, keychain, or more.
  • Day 4: Have a fun time designing your own stuffed animal monster in Stuffed Animal Monsters with Aidan O’Neil. Learn to hand sew and be as creative as possible.


Afternoon Session (1:00-3:30 PM):
Tuition: $176 Member/$220 Non-Member

  • Days 1-4: Come learn to handbuild a cereal bowl in Cereal Bowl with Rhea O'Shion. We will use molds to shape and create our bowls. Then, we’ll decorate and finish it off!