Steven Hill

Steven took his first pottery class in 1970 and became a full time potter nine years later in 1979. Since 2008, he has been electric glaze firing and every kiln has been chocked full of experiments. Steven chases the atmospheric surface quality that sprayed and layered glazes bring. He says, “Potters always speak of the “Kiln Gods,” but for me the magic resides more in the application process rather than the mystery of fire.”

When creating a piece, his goal is for the whole presentation to look as if it is one rich and varied surface, like agate, marble, or layers of metamorphic rock. He encourages micro-crystalline growth on the glaze surface that resembles a snowstorm or falling leaves. Steven is in constant search for new glazes that will stir his soul and inspire previously inaccessible colors or textures. He both formulates and collects glazes from other sources, but is always experimenting with new combinations. He can never imagine running out of glaze and firing cycle tweaks to fuel his experimentations!

WBCA Classes with Steven: