Rajine Williams

Rajine Williams is a visual multimedia artist and filmmaker based in the Twin Cities. Her work centers around femininity, body, and identity of Black women. Her artwork is an amalgamation of what it means to be a proud Black woman. She calls her aesthetic ‘Afrocentric Eclectic’. She plays with different mediums and textures as she would with her hair. She’s a Minnesota native who graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in May of 2020 with a B.A. in Art. Rajine’s work encompasses drawing, painting, sculpture, and filmmaking. She incorporates 3D elements and found/recycled objects. Besides being a practicing artist, Rajine also teaches art to all ages, creeds, and all walks of life. She likes to teach with a specific theme or goal to be achieved from the work but not with a predetermined notion of how the work is going to get there. Rajine leads with an example and lets participants interpret how to representationalize what they perceive from the activity. Rajine’s motto is subjectivity over objectivity. Most specifically she wants to reach youth that look like her. Growing up in a predominantly white space, seeing the world from a different point of view as a little black girl was stifling. She wants to be a bridge for BIPOC youth to discover, create, and explore the possibilities of creativity without fear of exclusion, or defensiveness.

WBCA Classes with Rajine:

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