Kieu Pham Gray

Kieu Pham Gray has been creating jewelry for almost 20 years. She started from the need to “look the part” while working in retail management for Neiman Marcus. Making jewelry for herself and friends, Kieu’s jewelry line was created. Since then she has sold her designs to over 30 stores in 10 states and participated in numerous juried art shows. Today, Kieu teaches jewelry making at numerous venues across the US, teaching everything from beading to silversmithing. Together with her husband, Andy, they run, where they work to provide the industry with specialty goods and tools. In an effort to share her passion and knowledge for the jewelry industry, Kieu teaches a wide range of classes at her stores and throughout the United States. Detailed instruction and personal attention has been the key to success with her students.


WBCA Classes with Kieu:

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