CeCeile Hartlieb

CeCeile Hartleib is an accomplished representational artist who has been painting professionally for over 30 years. Her love of nature is evident in her plein-air landscapes which include some of her favorite subjects: water lilies, garden scenes and people in nature. She paints outdoors year-round in Minnesota and in other parts of the country. Because of her exceptional ability to capture personality on canvas, she is also in demand as a portrait painter. Hartleib maintains a studio in St. Paul, Minnesota.

"For me, painting is about seeing – about telling a story, conveying a mood or feeling, or simply expressing my love of nature. I am happiest when I get lost in my work, spending hours without realizing any time has passed. I enjoy getting to know people while they sit for portraits and I think that my work reflects this. I love landscapes, especially beautiful sunsets, gardens and the many moods that nature creates. Often the way light falls across forms is enough to capture my attention and make me want to express my experiences or feelings in paint."

See more of her work at www.ceceilehartleib.com

Ceile Hartleib Headshot

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