Inspired by Nature

Great River Chapter of the American Society of Botanical Artists

In the Ford Family Gallery
Show Dates: September 11-October 20, 2023

thank you zinnia, and gooseberry, rudbeckia
and pawpaw, Ashmead’s kernel, cockscomb
and scarlet runner, feverfew and lemonbalm;
thank you knitbone and sweetgrass and sunchoke
and false indigo whose petals stammered apart
by bumblebees good lord please give me a minute...
and moonglow and catkin and crookneck
and painted tongue and seedpod and johnny jump-up;
thank you what in us rackets glad
what gladrackets us;

-Ross Gay, Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude


Come and enjoy the Inspired by Nature exhibit, in which botanical artists depict the plants around us with scientific accuracy and aesthetic sensitivity. The Great River Chapter of Botanical Artists was formed in 2002 to create a greater appreciation of botanical art on the part of the public, and to provide a supportive context for its practicing members. They have an educational thrust: to celebrate the work of the great masters of the past and the present, and to highlight contemporary issues concerning plant diversity, regional ecology, and preservation. They also want their artists to thrive. To that end, they provide forums for their mutual benefit, workshops and field trips for their ongoing education, opportunities to sketch and paint, and occasions to exhibit and sell their work and be recognized by their peers.