WBCA Members’ Exhibition

Thank you and congratulations to the 144 artists included in WBCA’s 2020 Members’ Exhibition! This annual exhibition is an important part of showcasing the variety of artistic talent and creative inspirations throughout the community at the art center.

Click the image below to view the exhibition. You can also find the images here on Facebook, where you can leave a note for the artists and share what you love through social media.

For assistance connecting with artists about sales, contact gallery@whitebeararts.org or call 651-407-0597

WBCA Membership

Click here to join or renew your WBCA membership. All members receive a 20% discount on tuition-based classes and a variety of other benefits, in thanks for their key support of WBCA’s arts programs.   

2020 Online Members’ Exhibition Guidelines:


  • All WBCA members in good standing as of October 16, 2020, may enter 1 piece.
  • People may become members at the time of registration.
  • This is a non-juried online exhibition.
  • Recent 2D and 3D works, including but not limited to drawings, paintings, fiber, pottery, photography, and sculptures.
  • All artwork must be original in composition and concept and executed solely by the artist. Pieces deemed not original to the artist will be disqualified.
  • Inappropriate subject matter is not acceptable. WBCA reserves the right to determine acceptability.
  • All items will remain as part of the show. Artwork can be sold at the discretion of the artist, it is not a requirement. The artist is responsible for the sale and handling of their work. Please include a 15% commission as a professional courtesy to WBCA.
  • Artwork information provided on registration form is final.  No changes allowed after the registration deadline.  

Conditions for Artwork

  • For an online show and social media promotion, people will only see your work through the image you submit. Make sure you photograph your work and not the surroundings.
  • 2D work should not be matted nor framed for the best quality photo.
  • 3D work is allowed an additional jpeg to show another side or detail of the work.
  • Submission photo sizes are accepted between 400 KB and 10 MB.
  • Artwork must be listed with a sale price or denoted not for sale (NFS). Artists must handle all art sales and payments. Artwork priced for sale should include 15% commission for WBCA as a professional courtesy for the organization and promotion of the work.
  • For registration, please prepare 75 words or less about yourself as an artist or about your artwork.

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