NP37 – Painting from Life in Watercolor

Feb 10, 2023 9:00AM—Feb 17, 2023 3:30PM

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NP37 – Painting from Life in Watercolor
Instructor: Catherine Hearding

In this class we will be creating still life compositions painted from life and within a given time frame. The object is to help students understand the subject as a three-dimensional object, and by imposing a time limit, work on better and more efficient brush control. Concepts of value, intensity, and color temperature will be explored as we create simple compositions.

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February 10 & 17, 2023
2 Fridays, 9:00 AM-3:30 PM
Tuition: $142 Member/$178 Non-Member
Age/Level: Adults, Intermediate and Beyond
Location: WBCA