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Ann Solyst

Ann Solyst’s oil paintings are a meditative exploration of everyday objects. Preferring to paint on a smooth surface, such as panel or linen canvas, Ann begins each painting with an underpainting and meticulously develops small, simple scenes with numerous, thin layers of paint. These intimate paintings revel in the beauty of often overlooked objects, quietly…
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Laura Presley

As an artist, Laura’s paintings are about the intangibles. She am interested in the kinds of elusive qualities – color, light, atmosphere, (and circumstances) moments, impressions, and memories, that incite a visceral response. It cannot be touched, held, or named, but is somehow understood. Her process is intuitive, and precise. She applies marks with unquestionable…
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Claire O’Connor

Claire’s introduction to pottery was while working with people living in a poor inner city neighborhood to create a community based school for their children. Pottery was the chosen art form. Though she continued on her chosen life’s trajectory, clay was now a constant. Through university, and career, through marriage, motherhood and all life’s lessons,…
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Chiaki O’Brien

SAORI Weaving is a Japanese contemporary weaving style Chiaki brought from Japan. SAORI is not just a weaving style, but your life. It is a self-expression way of weaving, you can just weave how you feel. It allows you “being you.” This gave her a joy, so she’ve been sharing this wonderful weaving to all…
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Lisa Gidlow Moriarty

With a BA in Fine Arts – Design, Lisa has created large-scale art installations for over 30 years. She now focuses on labyrinths, making room-size portable labyrinths and both outdoor and indoor permanent installations. Her work can be found internationally from Africa to Australia, and across the USA. The labyrinth symbolizes a spiritual journey, and…
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Dan Mondloch

Dan is an award winning third-generation painter. His first interest in painting was in the 9th grade; while driving with his dad he mentioned he’d like to try painting. The next morning he woke to the kitchen table covered with everything he could ever possibly need to paint a picture. He’s been featured in Plein…
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