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In response to COVID-19, WBCA is temporarily
suspending all on-site, clay classes.

Clay at Home, Firing Sevices, and Virtual Clay Classes
are being offered.

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In-Studio Clay Classes & Information

(Temporarily Suspended)

Scott & Tom Hartzell Clay Studio Policy & Guidelines

Welcome to the Scott & Tom Hartzell Clay Studio at the White Bear Center for the Arts. For the community studio to function properly, we ask that all clay students and artists abide by these guidelines.

Arrival/Departure Time

  • Please arrive for classes no more than 10 minutes early.
  • To respect our instructors’ time and class schedules, students should plan to clean up before the class ends in order to leave class on time.


  • Take clay from open bags before opening a new one. Keep all unused clay covered with plastic. Please limit the amount of clay you take to only what you can use during a class. Re-bag any reusable clay, and push any clean scrap through the screen on the Reclaim Bucket. Ask an instructor for more clay if the bins are empty.
  • Use only the materials provided for the class. No outside clay or glazes are allowed. Only projects produced during a WBCA class will be fired. No outside projects.
  • Currently all clay, glazes, tools, and firing are included in the price of each clay class. Therefore we request that all students throwing more than 25 pounds of clay in one class within one month, to pay an extra $10 to the office to cover material costs. In addition, students planning to make work larger than 18 inches in any direction are required to pay an extra $10 per piece to accommodate the extra room needed in the kiln.  We rely on the discretion of each student to pay these extra fees.  We hope to maintain this policy as long as this system is successful.

Clean Up

  • Students are in charge of cleaning up their own workspace. Clean up should begin 10 minutes prior to the end of class. Wheels, splash pans, tables, ware boards, wedging table, bats, paint brushes, and borrowed tools should be washed and wiped with a clean sponge.  Store items in their proper place. The extruder needs to be cleaned completely and reassembled if used. No sweeping or creating dust, please use a wet mop or sponge for all clean-up.
  • Do not put clay chunks down the sink drain. Place wet clay scraps from the throwing wheel into the 5 gallon green buckets marked “Scrap Clay.”  Do not pour your excess water into these buckets.  Follow the *wheel cleaning guidelines posted in the clay studio for instructions on how to clean the wheels.


  • Students are not permitted to enter the Doug Ribbeck Kiln room. This room is for instructors and staff only.  Ask your instructor if you need anything out of the kiln room.  No work will be stored in the kiln room without permission from the Studio Manager (see contact info below).


  • Students are required to pick up final bisque and glazed pieces no more than 3 weeks after your class end date. Shelf space is limited, if it is not picked up, it will be discarded.  Likewise, if a student plans to “take a break” from clay they must bring their piece(s) home.  WBCA does not have storage area.
  • Students are in charge of picking up their own piece. WBCA is not responsible for keeping track of the location and/or whereabouts of a student’s piece.

Extra Time/Drop- In Policy

If you need more studio time outside of class to finish a piece, WBCA offers two “Clay Open Studio” times during the week. All students currently enrolled in a full-time clay class can attend Clay Open Studio for only $10 per class.  Students who have pro-rated their class are not eligible for the $10 drop-in rate.

  • There are no make-up days for missed classes. If you miss a class and wish to make it up, you may attend a designated Clay Open Studio class time for a $10 fee.  If you have an emergency, please contact WBCA.
  • Please note that if a student is not registered for a full-time clay class, the Clay Open Studio fee increases to $26 for Members or $34 for Non-Members for the designated Wednesday and Saturday Clay Open Studio times.

    Please direct any concerns about the clay studio to your instructor, to the Clay Studio Manager, Alex,, or to our Program Director, Danielle, at

Learn more about our clay instructors

Adama Sow

Adam Gruetzmacher

Alexander Chinn

Johnne Law McMahan

Clarice Allgood

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