Fundamentals of Drawing

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Date/Time: Saturday, April 28, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Suzann Beck
This class is ideal for artists who are beginning to draw, or intermediate artists who want to reinforce a good foundation for their drawing skills. In this class you will learn and practice fundamentals including line and tone, light and shadow values, techniques for comparative measuring, and developing good compositions. You will also learn how to render a drawing from start to finish with still life setups to fit individual skill levels. Bring a lunch for an hour break at noon.

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Claim Your Own Abstract

Date/Time: Wednesday – Thursday, May 30 & 31, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Calvin DeRuyter
In this class, I am not going to teach you how to paint abstracts that look like mine! We will discover some tools that you can use to “reach inside” yourself and create paintings that are vibrant and exciting—no matter what direction you take them! We will work with automatic drawing, the nature of line, shape, form, focus, intention (or not) in a way that makes the paintings exciting for you as the artist—and therefore can only be exciting for your viewers and collectors. All experience levels are welcome, but come prepared to really stretch your artistic vision in an attempt to move beyond your current thinking. Bring a lunch.

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Modular Art Creations

Date/Time: Monday – Wednesday, May 14 – 16, 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Kathleen Hope
This workshop will explore the secrets and techniques of what makes these small paintings work together. We will use small 8x8x2 wood panels and apply acrylic and collage to create unique designs. Learn how and why collectors love this grid-like form of art, and where to sell these small gems. Modular art has become popular at art shows and galleries. Kathleen Hope is a master at modular art and has created thousands of designs. Learn Kathleen’s secrets to success. Bring a lunch.

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Landscape & Light: 3-Day Studio Landscape Workshop for Pastel & Oil

Date/Time: 3 Days, Tuesday – Thursday, August 14 – 16, 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Barbara Jaenicke, OPA, AIS, PSA, IAPS/EP
Spend three days in an intensive study on how to train your eyes to “read” light in the landscape, and how to capture a genuine effect of atmospheric light in your studio work. We’ll study a variety of lighting situations and types of landscapes. Barbara will provide photos for students to work from, or students may work from their own photos if they have similar lighting situations. Students can work in pastel or oil. Demos will be in both. Bring a lunch.

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Abstract Expressions in Mixed Media/Collage

Date/Time: Monday – Wednesday, May 21 – 23, 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Shirley Blake
Collage is an ancient art enjoying resurgence in the fine art arena. Join Shirley for an adventure into the limitless expression possible using mixed media as your base. This opportunity for creative work is non-intimidating and expansive for all levels of artists. The workshop focuses on making and using various handmade papers with a variety of materials, mixed media, and acrylic paints. Each session (morning and afternoon) will be on different collage methods and techniques. The instructor will give step-by-step demonstrations with guidance on combinations for maximum impact in your collage. Individual help and critique is a part of each class. To accommodate travel plans for the artist, please register for this class at least 3 weeks in advance.

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Pocket Sketching

Date/Time: Friday – Sunday, September 21 – 23, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Kath Macaulay
This is the perfect technique for travel journaling, hiking, biking, sauntering, or sitting in a café. Students will learn to capture what they think they see in 25 minutes or less using a water soluble pen, a 4 x 6 inch pad of paper, and a small paint set. This class is ideal for the timid beginner to learn to paint fearlessly in public, and for the advanced artist who wants minimal equipment, total portability, speed, no interruptions, and no clean-up. To quote a former student at Canyon Ranch, “You just changed my life: I can do this!” $40 material fee covers paint set, paper, water soluble pen, and water container. Please sign up at least 2 weeks in advance for this class.

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