Caricature Woodcarving Workshop

Date/Time: Saturday & Sunday, October 14-15, 9:00AM – 4:00PM

Morris Anderson
This woodcarving class will be use rough-outs from various Caricature Carvers of America carvers like PJ Driscoll, Gerald Sears, Harold Enlow, Phil & Vicki Bishop, and Stu Martin. Instruction will be given in the areas of physical anatomy, proportion, and proper techniques used in caricature carving. The rough-outs will vary from realistic to western caricatures.

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Kolrosing: An Ancient Norwegian Art Form

Date/Time: Saturday, September 30, 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Kim Bakken-Parr
Kolrosing is an old Scandinavian tradition dating back to Viking times and was most often used to decorate objects such as spoons, small bowls or boxes, cups, etc. A specially designed knife is used to cut fine lines into wood. Traditionally, coal dust was rubbed into these incised lines to enhance the design. We will be using instant coffee. The piece will then be rubbed with walnut oil to further enhance the design. Students will become familiar with the kolrosing knife and working with and against the grain of the wood. First patterns will be traced on a basswood practice coaster. Once comfortable with the technique, students will work on their final project. Designs are not limited to only traditional patterns – be creative! All tools and material are provided.

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