Finger Labyrinths: A Path for HeART and Hand

Date/Time: Wednesday, February 7, 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Mary Silvaroli Daul
Come explore the smallest of all labyrinths, known as finger or tabletop labyrinths, and discover how these miniature patterns offer an ever present “path of possibilities” at your fingertips, to inspire art and a more artful way of living. Armed with only the simplest of art tools and a simple guide for drawing the Classical labyrinth from its “seed pattern,” participants will move through drawing, “walking,” collaging, and journaling exercises designed to increase curiosity and creativity. Grounded in the ancient wisdom and ways of the labyrinth and a unique “labyrinth as life coach” approach, this class is designed to provide rest for your souls and awareness that all you will ever need to journey on the path of the labyrinth is as close as your heart and your hand.

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