Great iPhone Photography – Editing and Enhancement

Date/Time: Saturday, April 21, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Debra Dresler
This comprehensive iPad and iPhone class will make your iPhone/iPad photographs look professional and also give you skills and experience using the editing app, Snapseed. This is the “go to” app for most photographers. This class will teach you better exposure, focus, composition, tricks and tips of the iPhone, organizing photos and wireless printing. We will cover resolution vs. compression, back ups, jpgs, and tiff. We will also look at the 25 best editing and camera apps, places to show your photos and websites to sell your work, and where to print your treasures on clothing, canvas, glass, bags and more. There will be a resource list for tripods and additional lenses. Basic knowledge of the operation of your device is necessary, but no photography experience needed. Just bring your iPhone or iPad with Snapseed app downloaded onto your device. A fine clear tip stylus is nice, but not required. Amazon has one called a Meko stylus.

In Part II, (afternoon session) you will learn to use the app Snapseed. (Free from the App store) This great all-purpose app will give you all its editing and enhancing features, including tuning an image, adding a vignette, applying effects, borders, double exposures, frames, filters, cropping and dramatic black and white photography. Learn about the healing tool, cloning, curves, white balance and sharpening. Snapseed also has facial portrait enhancing, adding text, and white balance and sharpening. Time and weather permitting, we will take pictures outside to practice our skills in the studio. IOS Apple only. Sorry no Android, Galaxy etc. Bring a lunch.

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Digital Layering and Collage: Make a Fantastical House Collage

Date/Time: Friday, April 27, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Debra Dresler
Come for the fun of creating a playful, whimsical house on your iPad. We will be using 3 apps to edit and enhance images of houses using a digital collage technique. For students with a good working knowledge of their iPad using images from their camera roll. Some experience with Snapseed other image enhancing apps is very helpful for this project. We will be using textures and layering to get results that are fantastical and fun. An email will be sent to students prior to class start date with app download information. Sorry, no Android, Galaxy, etc.

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iPad Painting: Let’s Learn Art Set Pro App

Date/Time: Monday, May 21, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Debra Dresler
If you have wanted to try digital painting, this is the class for you. It’s like having a portable painting set up all on your iPad or iPhone. No mess, no fuss. We will begin with a photograph that you paint over with different tools and mediums. There are 7 brush sizes. Included in the app is oil paint, oil pastel sticks, colored pencil, crayons, marker, conte crayon, paint markers, charcoal, eraser, and a variety of pencils. Included are blending tools, like sponge, fabric, thinner, sandpaper and pastel blenders. The color palette includes 55 colors in different opacities and the ability to mix colors. A stylus is nice, but not required. Amazon has an inexpensive clear disc-one made by Meko. You can choose from 27 papers and canvas on which to paint. No experience needed. Come and try some fun painting. This class is best on an iPad for its size. Come with the ArtSetPro loaded. Purchase in the App Store $6.99, IOS (Apple) only. Sorry no Android, Galaxy, etc.

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Intro to Photo Editing using Snapseed

Date/Time: Monday, May 14, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Lars Samuelsson
In today’s digital world with convenient access to a camera, making a photograph has become easier than ever. Despite this, a lot of images could go from being good to great by applying some basic image editing. In this class we will take a closer look at a free application called Snapseed, one of the most popular and effective imaging apps available today. Whether you want to perform basic image enhancement or become more creative with your editing, Snapseed is a great tool to improve your photography. After this class you will be able to use adjustment tools such as crop, white balance, contrast and saturation to greatly enhance your images, and image editing will be a natural part of taking pictures. This class will be taught for iPhone users.

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App Sampler – Beginning Painterly Photography

Date/Time: Saturday, May 12, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Debra Dresler
Get ready to unlock your creativity with painterly apps on your iPhone or iPad. In this beginning class, we will use 5 apps that paint your photos digitally. Very easy, mostly automatically with filters, and your fingers or stylus. No painting experience needed! Transform your photographs into stunning painterly pictures before your eyes. Watercolor, oil, impressionistic and wild modern looks too. Bring your Apple device with these apps downloaded from the App store: Brushstroke, Paint can, Glaze, AquarellaHD, and Prisma. IOS (Apple) only. Sorry, no Android, Galaxy, etc.

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Private Technology Instruction Session

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Elise d’Entremont
Bring your own laptop, netbook, tablets or iPad for a private, customized instruction session one-on-one with a very knowledgeable and patient technology instructor. No geek talk, just straight, everyday language to help you succeed with your technology, software, and business-related technology needs. Here are only a few of the many software programs (PC or Mac) Elise can help you with: QuickBooks, Quicken, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, Photoshop Elements, Google Drive/Docs/Slides/Sheets/Forms/Calendar, Skype, Creating Websites, Photo Editing, Social Media, Cloud storage, keyboarding (typing), or computer basics. Please inquire for any other software help.

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