Beginning Calligraphy

No classes scheduled at this time – check back soon!

Learning calligraphy is similar to learning any art form. It involves line, shape, space, texture, color, and movement. In calligraphy there are basic rules and techniques meant to help the learning process. In this class our focus will be on learning the Italic minuscule script (lower case letters). Students should be able to apply these rules and techniques to learning other calligraphic scripts. The focus of the first class will be learning the basics such as tools, supplies, terms, and any other basic information necessary to start putting pen to paper. The focus of the following two classes will be learning the structure of each letter within the Italic lower case alphabet, spacing, and a bit on layout, as well as individual guidance and answering questions. Please bring to the first class:
• Note taking paper
• Pencil or pen for notes.
• 18” T-square, preferably metal.
• 18”x24” sturdy piece of foam core.
• Artist tape or blue painter’s tape.
• 14×17 Borden Riley #37 Layout Paper.

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