Introduction to Zentangle Inspired Art

Date/Time: Saturday, May 11, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Sue Swanson
Tangling and doodling is a meditative drawing method that uses simple repetitive strokes to build patterns that are combined to make a small work of art. Anyone who can draw a straight line and a curve can learn to tangle. The process is very easy, relaxing and fun. Come and be surprised and delighted by the designs you create.

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Drawing Pet Portraits in Pastel Pencil

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 2, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Suzann Beck
Drawing your pet is easier than you think! Create a “head and shoulders” portrait of your pet from one of your own photos with the forgiving medium of pastel pencils—they’re easy to control and easy to layer. The workshop will feature best practices and a demonstration in the morning session with hands-on student work in the afternoon. Students will work from their own photos, learning how to transfer an initial drawing to pastel paper, and how to build pet fur effects in a step-by-step process. Attention will be paid to drawing accuracy and rendering light effect.

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How To Draw Faces

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 19, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Suzann Beck
This workshop emphasizes placing and drawing the features of the face accurately, including:
• How to analyze light and shadow, and create a light effect.
• How to map the features of the face.
• Common errors in portrait drawing.
Both the morning and afternoon sessions will include demos covering the principles of drawing a face and hands-on experience drawing from sculptor’s casts and a live model.

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Portrait Drawing

Date/Time: 5 Mondays, April 22 – May 20, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Julie Erickson
Capturing the emotion, expression, and/or personality of someone is the biggest challenge and biggest reward of portrait drawing. We will learn to draw individual facial features, and then we will complete a full portrait from start to finish. Drawing will be done from photos provided by the instructor.

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Digital Artful Collage – Learn Leonardo App: Make a Vintage Botanical Print

Date/Time: Monday, May 6, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Debra Dresler
Create digital collages while learning the techniques of layering, blending, and applying textures with apps on your iPhone or iPad. We will be using Leonardo and 3 other apps to enhance, layer and blend individual images on the iPad or iPhone. A perfect beginning course for those interested in photographic collage. Work can be done on an iPhone, but it is easier working with images on an iPad. Some experience with Snapseed and other image enhancing apps is very helpful for this project, but not required. The results are rich, layered artful images with depth that are ready for printing and framing. An email will be sent to students prior to class with app download information and images. IOS Apple only, sorry no Android or Galaxy etc.

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App Sampler: Beginning Painterly Photography

Date/Time: Monday, April 15, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Debra Dresler
Get ready to unlock your creativity with painterly apps on your iPhone or iPad. In this beginning class, we will use 4 apps that paint your photos digitally. Very easy, mostly automatically with filters, and your fingers or stylus. No painting experience needed! Transform your photographs into stunning painterly pictures before your eyes. Watercolor, oil, impressionistic and wild modern looks too. Bring your Apple device with these apps downloaded from the App Store: Brushstroke, Paint can, AquarellaHD, and Prisma. IOS (Apple) only. Sorry No Android, Galaxy etc.

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iPad/iPhone Painting: Big Abstract Flowers on Canvas

Date/Time: Monday, April 1, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Debra Dresler
Join me to create this O’Keefe-like, digital flower painting. We will first photograph some flowers in the classroom. Then use 3-4 apps to create beautiful flower paintings. No experience needed. Some general knowledge of your device is helpful. I will also show you how to print onto a stretched and framed canvas. You will receive an email before class with the apps to download before class. Fun and colorful!

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iPad Painting: Let’s Learn Art Set Pro App

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 19, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Debra Dresler
If you have wanted to try digital painting, this is the class for you. It’s like having a portable painting set up all on your iPad or iPhone. No mess, no fuss. We will begin with a photograph that you paint over with different tools and mediums. There are 7 brush sizes. Included in the app is oil paint, oil pastel sticks, colored pencil, crayons, marker, conte crayon, paint markers, charcoal, eraser, and a variety of pencils. Included are blending tools, like sponge, fabric, thinner, sandpaper and pastel blenders. The color palette includes 55 colors in different opacities and the ability to mix colors. A stylus is nice, but not required. Amazon has an inexpensive clear disc one made by Meko. You can choose from 27 papers and canvas to paint on. No experience needed. This class is best on an iPad for its size. Come with the
ArtSetPro loaded. Purchase in the App Store $6.99, IOS (Apple) only, Sorry No Android, Galaxy etc.

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iPad Drawing & Painting: Your Digital Sketchbook

Date/Time: 3 Thursdays, March 14 – 28, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

James Nutt
This iPad drawing class is designed for those who want to learn to draw on the iPad, and are also interested in exploring some of the more detailed programs for drawing on the iPad. Using the program Procreate, the learning curve is short and possibilities are endless. You can undo mistakes, try multiple options, cut and paste, and even paint in the dark. This class is intended to be three quarters drawing class and one quarter learning the technology. Learn to use the iPad as a new and exciting medium and finally have an art studio with you everywhere you go. This class can be used standalone to get you drawing and painting anywhere. We will discuss accessible digital art platforms and get comfortable with the program through a series of drawing exercises, and also explore subjects such as line quality, color, scale, and proportion. iPad required. Please download and install Procreate. Information can be found online at procreate. Note: Stylus is optional and not required. Instructor will bring different examples to try.

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Paella Valenciana

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 7, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Peggy Doran
The Paella is the pan used to cook this legendary dish, and Valenciana refers to the region of Spain on the shores of the Mediterranean where it originated. It is typically cooked outdoors in the countryside on a dry wood fire. The Paella must be set at a suitable height to be surrounded by flames during the first part of the cooking, and the fire must be kept burning at the correct strength. Generally, good Paella depends not so much on the quality of the ingredients as on combining all the components in the correct proportions. The five basic elements – oil, water, rice, heat, and cooking receptacle – need to be balanced with an almost mathematical precision.

The experience and personal touch of whoever is in charge of the cooking are also of utmost importance. The preparation of Paella in the countryside is a ritualistic, festive occasion which can sometimes turn into a gastronomic debate! The relaxed, lighthearted atmosphere is punctuated with jokes and comments on the progress of the food. The experience culminates when the Paella is deemed ready, removed from the fire and carried to the table. Paella Valenciana has Bomba rice, rabbit or pork, green beans, chicken, snails, tomatoes, paprika, and saffron. Peggy’s version of Paella Valenciana will use seafood, pork, chicken, beans, chorizo, and Bomba rice. That’s a mouthful! Bring an apron to class.

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