Writing Roundtable

Date/Time: Tuesday, September 26, 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 24, 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Date/Time: Tuesday, November, 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Mary Jane LaVigne
Join with fellow writers to talk about craft, try a short exercise, and share work. Bring paper, pen, and a writing sample of up to 500 words to read. Bringing work is optional.

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WBCA Writers’ Group

Date/Time: 6 Fridays: September 29 – November 3, 2:00PM – 3:00PM

Elise d’Entremont
The focus of this group is to encourage fellow writers in their aspirations of writing. We will meet weekly to discuss our work, our writings, our resources, and ways to overcome our obstacles.

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Caricature Woodcarving Workshop

Date/Time: Saturday & Sunday, October 14-15, 9:00AM – 4:00PM

Morris Anderson
This woodcarving class will be use rough-outs from various Caricature Carvers of America carvers like PJ Driscoll, Gerald Sears, Harold Enlow, Phil & Vicki Bishop, and Stu Martin. Instruction will be given in the areas of physical anatomy, proportion, and proper techniques used in caricature carving. The rough-outs will vary from realistic to western caricatures.

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Beginning iPhone Photography

Date/Time: Saturday, September 23, 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Debra Dresler
Learn the key elements that make your photographs look professional with the iPhone and iPad and also get experience using the editing app called Snapseed, the “go-to app” for most photographers. This class will teach you better exposure, focus, composition, tricks and tips of the iPhone, organizing photos, how to take better photos, and enhance floral and landscape photos. No photography experience needed, just bring your iPhone or iPad with the Snapseed app downloaded onto your device and have a general knowledge of operating them. We will also cover the 25 best apps, places to show your photos, and websites to sell your work, and also where to print your treasures onto clothing, canvas, glass, bags, and more. There will be a Books and Resources list for tripods and additional lenses.

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Improving Photographic Skills

Date/Time: Tuesday, September 12, 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 10, 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Date/Time: Tuesday, November 14, 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Robert Cuerden & David Parker
This course will be an open discussion and critique of photographic skills and technology. Join Robert and David, along with an invited professional photographer, for a session of critique and review of their compositions. Time permitting, there will be an opportunity to do a photo walkabout at the art center and a critique of those images. Be prepared to complete assignments for following sessions. You are encouraged to bring a selection of up to 3 images (digital or prints), which will be reviewed by the instructors and class members in an open critique. Please email questions and/or requests to the instructors at rcuerden@mac.com and dave@davidaparker.com.

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Beginning iPhoneography

Date/Time: 2 Mondays: September 11 & 18, 6:30PM – 8:30PM

Lars Samuelsson
Do you enjoy taking pictures with your iPhone and wish you knew how to use it in a creative way? Whether on vacation, at a family reunion, or taking day-to-day snapshots, the iPhone can be a powerful companion to capture interesting images. In this class we will be “iPhoneographers” and explore the potential of the smartphone. We will explore topics such as exposure, composition, applications, the importance of resolution, and various ways to share and store images. The class will be a mixture of short lectures, assignments, and lots of time for making and talking about iPhoneography.

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Cut Paper Art: Papercutting for Beginners

Date/Time: Tuesday, November 14, 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Andrea Martin
If you have ever wanted to create beautiful designs out of paper, this class is for you! Papercutting is a unique art form practiced by artists all over the world and has evolved into a wide range of different cultural styles. In this class, you will learn to create basic designs, which will then be cut out of paper using only the simple tools of the papercutter – a pair of scissors and/or a craft knife. These designs will be applied to a variety of projects. Andrea will provide templates that you can use, or you can create your own designs. No previous papercutting or drawing experience needed. Bring from home: Pencil, eraser, and a metal ruler. All other materials will be provided; most of which you get to take home!

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Playing with Pollinators in 3-D Cut Paper

Date/Time: Saturday, November 18, 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Vera Ming Wong
Take cut paper to a new level with natural science artist and illustrator Vera Ming Wong. Focusing on pollinators and their host plants, create casual or intricate artworks, from pop-ups to layered cut paper, in 3 dimensions. Explore the symbiosis of pollinators and their plants. Then create a 3-D artwork expressing this intricate relationship.

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Watercolor Landscapes Workshop with Nels Femrite

Date/Time: 5 Tuesdays: September 12 – October 10, 1:00PM – 3:30PM

Nels Femrite
These sessions will be geared to beginning and intermediate level artists. They will contain a general overview of watercolor landscape art. There will be many demonstrations and my fellow artists may choose to paint along with me. We will be discussing painting from photographs, color mixing, elements of design and techniques with an emphasis on drawing and composition.

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Painting the Winter Landscape

Date/Time: 4 Tuesdays: November 28 – December 19, 6:30PM – 9:00PM

Catherine Hearding
One way to make it through a long winter is to learn to appreciate the beauty of the snow-covered landscape. This watercolor course will focus on how to compose a good landscape, value studies to understand shapes and contrast, finding color solutions, and learning a three-step wash approach to watercolor painting, all while painting light-filled winter landscapes.

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