Ages 14-18

YA15 – Live Figure Drawing

Instructor: Kristin Camp One or two models pose in 3-10 minute increments while students draw. There is freedom to make mistakes, and it’s enlightening! You might not think you can do it, and then you create something totally surprising. We will have time towards the end of class to add and experiment with color to…

YA17 – Something You Can Feel

Instructor: Rajine Williams Participants will remove distractions and focus on ‘movement’ as it relates to their bodies and emotions by listening to music without words, both with and without sight. Removing senses help them focus on tones and tempos they hear by painting on canvas. CLASS ID: YA17August 11. Thursday, 10:00-11:00 AMTuition: $36 Member/$45 Non-MemberAge/Level:…

YA30 – Monoprinting with Gelli Plates

Instructor: Janelle Doyle Explore the world of Gelli Plate printing. Students will create monoprints (single, unique prints) using layering, painting, stencil, and texture techniques. CLASS ID: YA30August 3. Wednesday, 12:30-3:00 PMTuition: $36 Member/$45 Non- MemberAge/Level: Ages 14-18Location: WBCA

YA41 – Zine Making

Instructor: Morgan Kavanagh Learn how to create handmade publications called zines! Zines are used to explore identity, self-publish writing and art, develop a story, share a skill, passion, or perspective. You will have access to an inspiring zine library and a wide variety of materials including: collage supplies, markers, pens and pencils, paint, stickers and…

YA23 – Creative Writing

Instructor: Morgan Kavanagh Calling all young writers and poets! We will delve into creative writing through inspiring prompts. Together we will practice character development and infuse our writing with all the details of life. We will draw inspiration from nature, objects around us, and our senses. CLASS ID: YA23 July 14. Thursday, 12:30-3:00 PM Tuition:…

YA1A – From Journal to First Draft for Teen Writers

Instructor: Karen Parkman In this class, you’ll dive into the creative process of writing. For the first two days, we’ll explore where ideas come from and how to get writing in any environment. Activities will include intuitive writing, dream journaling, associative writing, and more. On day three, we’ll focus on how to develop your writing…

YA2K – 2D & 3D Paper Weaving

Instructor: Ashley Marigliano Take 2D design to the next level with paper weaving activities and a large paper chain wall hanging. If you’re interested in color theory and spatial design, this class is for you! CLASS ID: YA2K August 3.Wednesday, 9:30 AM-12:00 PM Tuition: $36 Member/$45 Non-Member Age/Level: Ages 14-18 Location: WBCA

YA2H – Floral Garland Workshop

Instructor: Ashley Marigliano Explore a variety of craft skills to create a decorative floral garland. This class will cover pompom making and hand sewing techniques to make a statement piece. CLASS ID: YA2H July 21. Thursday, 9:30 AM-12:00 PM Tuition: $36 Member/$45 Non- Member Age/Level: Ages 14-18 Location: WBCA

YA1R – The Impressionist Landscape

Instructor : Janelle Doyle The Impressionist painters observed that color was not fixed but changed from both light and its surroundings. We will start with a series of studio and en plein air activities designed to help students learn how to create an Impressionist landscape painting. We’ll explore techniques for painting air, water, land, and…

YA19 – Star-Spangled Necklace

Star-Spangled Necklace Sue Swanson Are you looking for a cute accessory to wear for the 4th of July? Learn how to use a needle and thread to weave red, white, and blue seed beads into tiny stars. They can be combined to make a necklace, earrings or a hair ornament! CLASS ID: YA19 June 30.…


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