Scholarship Guidelines and Information

Scholarships are available!

We will make every effort to accommodate individual needs. Please notify the office if you have any special requirements or have a question about the guidelines below.



  • WBCA has class scholarships available for all students who need it. We award scholarships based
    on each student’s own discretion therefore we do not require any confirmation of an
    individual’s financial situation in order to award a scholarship. We want to make art accessible
    to all.
  • In an effort to continue to support our artist instructors in the best effort possible, WBCA does
    ask each student to pay what they can for each class when requesting a scholarship.
  • Scholarships do not cover material fees. WBCA does not supply materials for classes where a
    material fee is present. If you have trouble paying the material fee please contact WBCA.
  • WBCA scholarships cannot be used for any off-site classes led by other organizations. These
    classes include any classes offered through Foci Center for Glass Arts, Margaux’s Table, Zac’s Woodfire, etc. Please call WBCA if you have a question about a class.
  • Scholarships for popular workshops, or workshops with special guest artists, are limited. This
    includes classes where an artist is flying in from out of town, a workshop that has a waiting list,
    etc. Workshops that cost more than $250/Member to attend also fall into this category. Often
    time partial scholarships can be awarded for these classes if space is available.
  • Students can use 3 full class scholarships per catalog quarter. Children can use 8 full class
    scholarships per Imagine Art catalog.
  • Scholarship use is confidential.  We respect each person’s right to privacy.  All individual’s are treated equally.


Please call WBCA at 651.407.0597 for more information.

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