Kevin Hogan: Connecting People

With your support, the active presence of the arts at WBCA ensures YOUR art center is an inclusive place where all are welcome. In learning something new together, and sharing creativity and stories with one another, WBCA builds understanding by connecting people.

“The year 2020 and into 2021 continues to be challenging in every aspect of our lives. I miss experiencing the creative joy that surrounds me while attending watercolor classes at WBCA. However, I am grateful for the tireless efforts of WBCA to provide opportunities for online learning that continue to nourish our imagination and hone our skills. I look forward to returning for in-person classes, exhibitions and family events, and experiencing that lovely sense of community that defines WBCA as a place where all are welcome. When the challenges of the current day have passed, WBCA will emerge like an artistic butterfly winging its way to us to enrich our artistic souls.”

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