Upstream Tea Ceremony

with Anna Metcalfe

Anna Metcalfe is an established ceramic artist who began hosting tea ceremonies to connect people and share stories related to water in a project called “Upstream.” Sponsored by Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization and White Bear Center for the Arts. “Upstream” seeks to build connections and share stories between strangers within a watershed. It starts with a tradition that most cultures share in some way: drinking tea. It is the mechanism by which stories about water are collected and shared.

Each participant receives a cup printed with someone else’s story. They will have a conversation sparked by this cup and share their own water stories.

There will be a series of tea ceremonies with dates, times, and locations to be determined. Participation is free. Please email to sign up for a storytelling group! This program is made possible by Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization.

Watch Upstream on Youtube to learn more.

Method of Instruction: In-person, Off-site
Date/Time: First tea ceremony will be held Tuesday, June 29, 10:00-11:00 AM, others TBD
Tuition: FREE with registration (Donations Appreciated)
Locations: TBD
Age: Adults

*Click the “INTEREST FORM” button below to begin the registration process.

This event is is in part sponsored by Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization.

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