Pet Portraits with Acrylics


Katie Steine 

Celebrate your fur baby in this fun class for beginners! Katie will walk you through techniques in acrylics to perfectly capture your special friend.

This class will be a pre-recorded lesson on a private YouTube video. 1-2 business days after registration, you will receive links to the pre-recorded class.

Date/Time: Pre-Recorded Lesson, Available until August 31
Age/Level: Adults, Teens, Beginner
Tuition: $20 Member/ $25 Non-Member


1. Canvas; any size  (mine was 16″×20″)

2. Pet photo; any size (mine was 4″×5″)

3. Acrylic paints (any)

4. Paint brushes (any variety)

5. Clean water container for rinsing

6. Towels for brushes 

7. Paint palette (any)

8. Ruler

9. Pencil with eraser 

10. 3 or 4 scrap pieces of paper 

11. Pen

12. Scissors

13. Tracing paper* 

   (an option if you don’t want to use pen directly on your photo)

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