Daily Astrology-Inspired Meditation with Karen Parkman

Thank you to Karen Parkman, WBCA’s evening and weekend receptionist, for sharing her passion for astrology and mindfulness practices with the community through the Mindfulness Moments attached to recent virtual creative care packages


Meditation is an incredible tool for staying grounded and centered throughout the day. Meditation can help to set an intention, reset your energy, settle into your body, and be more present in your surroundings.

Like a lot of people, I find I have trouble meditating with no guidance or ritual in mind. So I often try to incorporate a mantra I can repeat as I meditate, to help keep me focused. Lately I’ve been using mantras inspired by my astrological interests.

In traditional astrology, each day of the week is ruled by a different planet, and each planet has its own themes and qualities. Below are some daily mantras I’ve created that are inspired by and in honor of the ruling planet of each day. These mantas help me connect to energies greater than myself and feel more open to the natural rhythms of the day.

These mantras are just suggestions—you can mull over the planetary meanings and come up with inspired affirmations of your own.

To meditate with these mantras, find a comfortable, safe, and quiet place to sit. As you inhale, feel clear, cool breath entering your body and allow your diaphragm to relax. As you exhale, say your mantra in your mind or quietly to yourself. If you wish, set a timer for yourself or use prayer beads to time/guide your meditation (I put a small handful of dried beans to a bowl and pull them out one by one with each exhalation).

Have fun experimenting with these mantras!


Monday: ruled by The Moon.

Lunar themes: emotional safety, caretaking, nurturing, self-care, the body

Suggested mantras:

  • I am grateful to my emotions for helping me understand what I need.
  • Thank you to myself (or a person, animal, place, or object) for providing space and comfort for my emotions.


Tuesday: ruled by Mars

Martian themes: energy, conflict, anger, standing up for oneself/others, assertiveness

Suggested mantras:

  • I give to my anger space to breathe, and listen for the messages underneath it.
  • Thank you to my determination for giving me energy to do what I care about.


Wednesday: ruled by Mercury

Mercurial themes: communication, speaking & writing, processing information, social exchanges, analysis & learning

Suggested mantras:

  • I am open to new information and patient with myself while I process it.
  • Thank you to my voice, my ears, and all my senses for helping me to interact with the world more fully.

Thursday: ruled by Jupiter

Jupiter themes: abundance, faith, exploration, ethics, expansion, excess, optimism

Suggested mantras:

  • I am surrounded by opportunities to experience wild and beautiful abundance.
  • Thank you to myself (or person, animal, or object) for making my life feel full.


Friday: ruled by Venus

Venusian themes: connection, attraction, romance, pleasure, beauty

Suggested mantras:

  • I let pleasure be a priority and take joy in pursuing it.
  • Thank you to (a person, animal or object) for sharing your beauty with me.


Saturday: ruled by Saturn

Saturnine themes: maturity, boundaries, limitations, time passing, discipline

Suggested mantras:

  • I am disciplined and intentional about how I spend my time.
  • Thank you to the boundaries that allow me to complete the work I most care about.


Sunday: ruled by The Sun

Solar themes: self-expression, identity, healthy ego, individuality

Suggested mantras:

  • I am loved, appreciated, and celebrated for simply showing who I am.
  • Thank you to my bright, sweet ego for helping me put myself out there to be loved.


*Feel free to change the pronouns to “you” or “we” to send these mantras out to other people or the collective*

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