Two Poems from Oludare D. Obadiya: National Poetry Month

Oludare D. Obadiya was a 2019 WriteNow! high school creative writing contest winner and slated to read as part of WBCA’s April poetry night celebrating National Poetry Month. Here are two poems he’d like to share, virtually instead:


“The Ballad of the Aliens” By Oludare D. Obadiya

For centuries we’ve admired the small blue planet they call home
We think it may finally be time to make our presence known
I sent you down to live among them and report back to me
So, After living with the human race, what is it that you’ve seen

Well one thing that I must admit, these humans are quite clever
They’ve used the oil in their earth to push their every endeavor
They’ve thought up great inventions from the light bulb to the rocket ship
I watched the sky with shock and awe as they took it on it’s trip

Their catching up to us, advancing fast as a blur
But this insistence of revealing our existence now of that i’m not to sure
Well what seems to be the problem, you say that they’ve come far
You dont think its about time we show them who we are

Indeed they have come far immensely improving the way they live
But its the way they treat one another that’s still so primitive
Many watch their fellow man starve while they live beyond their needs
Ignoring the cries of the poor, man can show insatiable greed

I’ve seen them wage wars over differences in belief
They drop bombs on each other causing millions to grieve
And the conflict i’ve seen over differences in race is truly quite obscene
If they knock eachother down over different shades of brown were screwed our skins bright

I didn’t want to believe it but my judgements proven sound
The humans aren’t quite ready for us to come around
Though I wish you were wrong it’s simply plain to see
It’s probably best we move on to the next galaxy

And human beings do have promise, I don’t want to be unfair
But They’ve got a lot of evolving to do before we can go down there



“If You Can’t Sleep, Think of Love” By Oludare D. Obadiya

She lays there asleep his body lays perfectly around hers
It’s as if they were made to be in eachothers arms
A puzzle with only two pieces,
Though it took them time to solve eachother

It’s a warm August Night
The moonlight finds its way
Through an open window
It illuminates the figure entwined with him
A summer’s breeze blows through and
Dries the sweat on his forehead
He falls asleep thinking of the Woman whom he loves

Moments later she stirs
She brushes the side of her face
Against his hairy coffee colored arms
He shifts and groans but does not wake
She hears his breathing go back to steady
As it tickles her ears
She wonders how he holds her so close
even in his sleep

The night is silent, aside from her beloved’s snores
She slowly turns and faces him
He shifts again but still remains asleep
His brow is deeply furrowed
She wonders“What could he be so focused on in his dreams?”

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