Mask Making with WBCA

In addition to being useful, mask making can be fun, and the fabrics may add a splash of much-needed color. Below are examples for sewn and no-sew masks from the WBCA community: 

Staff members Gina Giambruno and Abigail Thompson sent in these photos of masks they’re making at home. Here are the tutorials used: 

How to Sew a DIY Fabric Face Mask – Free Printable Pattern
Free pattern to sew pleated surgical fabric face masks for hospitals or your own use. Make at home with elastic or fabric ties. Option for filter pocket. 

An additional example:

The Art of Mindful Protection

Professor Greta Gaard, who teaches mindfulness and creative writing at WBCA, offers this demonstration of a no-sew bandana mask woven into a lesson on mindfulness. All you’ll need is a square cloth and two hair ties or rubber bands:

Special thanks to Greta Gaard, Ph.D., for giving this demonstration as part of WBCA’s first virtual creative care package.

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