Draw a Labyrinth in 5 Steps!

With WBCA Instructor Mary Silvaroli Daul

Drawing labyrinths is fun and easy when you have the right tools. To get started, all you need is a pencil and paper along with the “seed pattern” for drawing a simple Classical type labyrinth.

Once you complete your drawing, you will be ready to walk your finger labyrinth – simply trace the path with one finger from the entrance to the center and back out again. Now you are ready to try drawing more – even outside in chalk! 

Draw a Labyrinth in Five Easy Steps:

Step 1 – Draw the Seed

This labyrinth “grows” from a pattern called a seed pattern. Make the two lines of the plus sign first and then add a dot in each corner. Practice making some! When you are ready, turn your paper over and draw one seed.

Step 2 –

Draw a curved line from the top line to the first dot on the right.

Step 3 –

Draw a curved line from the top of the left dot to the right line.

Step 4 –

Draw a curved line from the line on the left to the dot in the right corner.

Step 5 –

Draw the last curved line from the bottom left dot all the way around to connect the bottom line.


Images credit: Erwin Reissman


Congratulations! You just made a labyrinth!!

Now you are ready to walk it!

Tips for Walking Your Finger Labyrinth:

  • Glue your paper labyrinth to a piece of cardboard to prevent tearing when you use it.
  • Trace the path using your index finger from the opposite hand you use to draw or write. Try a different finger each time you walk and then change hands and do the same thing with each finger. Which hand and finger do you like best?
  • Walk for different reasons – when you feel sad, angry, bored or need a break from homework, try a slow walk on your labyrinth. After a few times you may start feeling better!

More Fun Things to DO!

  • Challenge: Draw the pattern in reverse. Hint: after drawing the seed pattern, draw the first arc from the top of the line to the top upper dot on the left and keeping drawing from right to left until you are finished. It is called a right-handed labyrinth because your finger moves to the right onto to the path.
  • See how small you can make a labyrinth and still walk it by hand. Hint: If you use a toothpick or other fine-tipped object instead of your fingertip, the labyrinth can be really small.
  • Doodle Them: When you are first learning, doodling pages of it’s a great way to practice. Soon you will know it by heart! Create different shapes & sizes, and see what you can turn your doodles into.
  • Draw labyrinths outside! Decorate your driveway or sidewalk in labyrinths using chalk. Make a labyrinth on the beach, using your finger or a stick for drawing. Challenge yourself! Try drawing one big enough to walk with your feet.
  • Get creative! Draw and decorate a special labyrinth to walk on World Labyrinth Day. You can share your labyrinth with WBCA by sending a picture to wbca@whitebeararts.org or posting it on Instagram with the hashtag #ArtEveryDayWBCA

Thank you to Mary Silvaroli Daul for offering this activity for World Labyrinth Day 2020 as part of WBCA’s weekly Virtual Creative Care Packages, leading up to Heart4Art@Home on May 14. 

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