WBCA Suspending Services in response to COVID-19

White Bear Center for the Arts (WBCA) is immediately suspending all services, classes, and events in response to the spread of COVID-19. Tentatively, the Center plans on resuming services the week of March 29.

Virtual tours of WBCA shows are available on Facebook

WBCA serves all ages and abilities, reaching more than 17,000 people per year. As concerns increase over travel, coupled with the spread of the disease to vulnerable populations, WBCA is taking a proactive approach by suspending services. Following guidelines from the CDC, it will be impossible to deliver quality arts experiences while retaining a six-foot separation distance as recommended.  Additionally, concerns surrounding hands-on arts classes, shared tools and spaces, all heighten risks of community exposure.

“While WBCA’s services are life-enhancing, we are not providing critical, life-saving services. We certainly don’t want activities to be life-risking,” said Executive Director Suzi Hudson.

This will support efforts by public agencies and corporations to limit exposure and transmission. Spring break is a time for travel, and by suspending services through March 29, it allows WBCA the flexibility to respond to broader public efforts to curtail COVID-19.

WBCA will offer new digital experiences to keep people’s creativity engaged during this period, highlighting the current exhibitions Northern Lights: 46th Annual Juried Art Exhibition and Tom Stewarts’ Views of the Mississippi: Past and Present. Audiences may look to WBCA’s Facebook page and website whitebeararts.org to learn more and keep apprised.

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