Painting Demo Video with Lisa Fertig, WBCA Instructor

Lisa Fertig’s watercolor landscape teaching video is below! 

WBCA is keeping in touch with its professional teaching artists to see how their work is impacted during coronavirus isolation. Lisa Fertig, who teaches painting for a range of ability levels, reflects below on redefining goals and allowing more creativity to flow while galleries like WBCA’s are closed for new exhibitions. She writes:

“During this turbulent time I have been spending more time painting.  Focusing on painting for myself, and not my shows for the upcoming year.

It is a good time to look at your body of work and analyze it. Look at old paintings and have the confidence to redo the painting, because we really have nothing to lose. For my watercolor I am trying new colors that I have never used before. For my acrylics I am focusing on different compositions.

Giving myself the freedom to play and experiment with no anticipation of getting a master piece will bring down the anxiety level. Comparing the before and after paintings I can see the progress my work is making.

My teaching experience at WBCA is unique because it gives me the opportunity to meet other artists who have the same passion for art that I do.  It also gives me a wonderful opportunity to experiment with different lesson plans and seeing the confidence that students build as they continue to grow in their painting style.”

Lisa’s website,, includes an expansive portfolio, class information, and a variety of links for artists. 

Enjoy this demo with Lisa Fertig, produced by Local Artisans:

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