Excellent Resource for Writing during COVID-19

This pick comes from WBCA’s Executive Director Suzi Hudson, who found quality recommendations for writing during this period of coronavirus isolation. You may learn more about writing a book in this one post than you did in school!

Mary Carroll Moore’s post (click here) is set in reflection: “I am not a psychotherapist, but I do understand the creative process. You can’t both live trauma and write about it. Here’s what I mean: when we are living through trauma, all our creative resources are tied up in our survival. Only with some distance can the writing flow again.”

With great care, Mary continues to outline tips so encouraging that you may be inspired to write your first book! Or, at least your next one. The structure and process outlined in the post sheds light on what it takes from start to finish. 

Check out her website for more tips and tricks, as well as classes: https://www.marycarrollmoore.com/ 

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