Art Online: Best, Local, & Must-See

WBCA asked for recommendations on Art online, and here’s the list we came up with for those looking for great portals for artistic adventure, learning, and exploration. 

The Biggest: Google Arts and Culture


Uffizi and The Met fully available to explore online. Tour the Taj Majal – or CERN, the world’s largest particle collider. Gigapixel photographs of paintings, providing detail you’d never see in person. Stroll the hallways of the world’s biggest museums. Try searching for art by color! Countless professionally curated features on artists, art movements, and so much more. 

Local: Explore MIA

The Minneapolis Institute of Art offers its collection online. See familiar sights as you stroll down their virtual corridors, or explore parts of the collection not usually seen by the public. 

Hidden Gem: American Swedish Institute

ASI has a neat “random image” feature from its searchable collection. They are also putting out good recipes on their social media. 

Contemporary Art News: Third Rail Quarterly

Third Rail covers contemporary art from theory to exhibitions and brand new works. No word what their COVID response will be, but their archives are a well of substantive emerging art and artists. 

Hmong Veteran, Attention series, 2014
Pao Houa Her. 50 x 40 inches 
digital archival inkjet print, hand-painted archival glaze

Two Artists to explore online: 

Lindsay Splichal: Recent Jerome Fellow, MCAD, Cranbrook Graduate. Extensive visual art portfolio available online. 

Pao Houa Her: Minneapolis-area artist drawing attention for her work focused on Hmong-Americans. Nice Instagram, too. 

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