Watercolor Koi and Water Lilies

Sylvia Benson

For new and returning students, this class will add to the art experience by teaching how to control the paint, making the koi’s colors appear very natural. There are many different colors of koi and students will use beautiful photographs to choose the shapes and colors. Composition is emphasized so that the objects are placed and sized to make an interesting painting. Participants will use movement and rhythm to help lead the viewer’s eye through the painting. Techniques will include texturing the lily pads, masking to save whites, and making bubbles. Everything will be demonstrated step-by-step and students will be amazed by what they’ve created.
Click here for a supply list.

Date/Time: 2 Mondays, June 3-10, 6:00-8:30 PM
Tuition: $53 Member/$68 Non-Member
Age/Level: Adults, Beginner, Intermediate

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