A Sketchy Approach to Understanding Perspective

Thursday afternoons in March – May
James Nutt

Perspective is a challenge for everyone and has a steep learning curve, but with enough understanding and practice it becomes intuitive and even fun. As an architect and an artist, James is in a position to help other artists create work that “feels right” (or at least closer to right). This class series is intended to be a fun and intuitive way to get “close enough” with your sketching to feel right while still keeping things loose. Each class will start with an overview of perspective basics but then dive separately into 1, 2, and 3 point perspective. Using rubber bands and string, you will learn to construct the various perspectives, finding vanishing points, finding centers, rough measuring, placing people, etc. Line quality, line weight, and creating depth will also be discussed in each class. You are encouraged to take all three classes, but any can be taken if you feel comfortable with the overall basics of perspective.

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Drawing from the Paper Up

4 Tuesdays, March 7-28, 6:00-8:00 PM
Julie Erickson

This class is for those who have a desire to draw but have had little or no prior drawing instruction, as well as those who have held back from signing up for beginning drawing classes, fearing it may be assumed that the ‘basics’ are already known. This is a true introductory drawing class, and it will be assumed that you have not had much, if any, prior drawing instruction. The atmosphere will be light and fun and no ‘natural ability’ is required, so come and discover the joys of drawing. After completing this class, you will have the knowledge, tools, and confidence to draw on your own and sign up for other drawing classes. We will learn the differences in and uses of various pencils, pencil strokes, papers, erasers, shading and measuring tools, how to lay out a drawing, as well as some bonus advanced tips and techniques. Drawing will be done from photos provided by the instructor.

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Pen & Ink Drawing

Wednesday afternoons in March – May
Doug Garder

Do you like fine line work, like Albrecht Durer’s engravings or Rembrandt’s etchings? Explore the nuances of drawing with a variety of steel pen nibs on white paper to create graphically concise images, using stippling & cross-hatching to build your tonal variations. Perhaps add a light wash of watercolor afterwards to perk things up! Bring in some landscape or lizard photos to work from and see what you can do. Many demonstrations will be offered.

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Learning to Draw

Friday afternoons in March – May
Doug Garder

Beginning with simple geometric forms and maturing to more complex forms, such as the human figure and linear perspective, learn how to see and feel what you are drawing in a variety of drawing media, such as charcoal, graphite, black India ink, black & white conte chalk, and even pastels on various kinds of paper. You will study such basic drawing concepts as contour line, cross contour, negative space, gesture, value (cross-hatch, ink and wash, chiaroscuro), and one- and two-point linear perspective.

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Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain II

Monday mornings or evenings in March – April
Suzanne Starks
Continue to engage the right side of the brain and learn how to draw more effectively in the final part of this series.  The first part focused on the Perception of Edges and of Spaces. This class will concentrate on the Perception of Relationships (proportion and perspective) and of Lights and Shadows (shading). You will use these four drawing skills to re-draw your pre-instruction room corner and self-portrait and be amazed at your level of drawing competency.

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Drawing Cooperative

Thursday evenings: March 23, April 27, and May 25
Various Artists

Explore different subjects with various artists while learning new drawing techniques. Work independently or increase your understanding of a subject introduced by the facilitator. All levels and mediums are welcome.

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Drawing the Charcoal Portrait

Saturday, March 25, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Suzann Beck

This course teaches a specific charcoal technique to complete a formal portrait. The first part of the course features a demonstration followed by at least 3 hours for hands-on student work from a live model. Drawing experience suggested but not required. Class will break for an hour at noon, please bring a lunch. Model fee included.

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Beyond Drawing from the Paper Up

4 Tuesdays, April 4-25, 6:00-8:00 PM
Julie Erickson

This class is for students who have completed a beginning drawing class (Drawing from the Paper Up, or other) and want to continue developing their drawing skills. Students will be guided in more advanced techniques and problem-solving skills while drawing from either their own source photos or ones provided by the instructor. Bring your own drawing supplies – you will receive suggestions for additional supplies to round out your collection!

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Exploring Zentangle Inspired Art with Alphabet Shapes

Thursday, April 6, 6:30-8:30 PM
Sue Swanson

Tangling and doodling is a meditative drawing method that uses simple repetitive strokes to build patterns that are combined to make a small work of art. Anyone who can draw a straight line and a curve can learn to tangle. The process is very easy, relaxing and fun. We will use alphabet stencils to create a decorated letter. Come and be surprised and delighted by the designs you create!

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Mixed Media Drawing

4 Tuesdays, May 2-23, 9:30-11:45 AM
Susan Hartzell Vannelli

Have fun learning the key elements of drawing or improving your drawing skills in order to make better paintings. We will learn about the papers and basic tools used, and create a beautiful painting using pencils, colored pencils, charcoal, pastels, pen & ink, and more. No experience necessary!

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