Beginning Watercolor

Monday afternoons in March – May
Lisa Fertig

Come and explore the wonder of watercolor by learning the fundamentals and techniques of this exciting medium. Basic class lessons will help you feel comfortable as you discover your journey using watercolors. Pay the instructor an optional material fee of $1 if you wish to keep the lesson plans.

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Beginning/Intermediate Clay

Monday afternoons or evenings in March – May
Brittany Trushin

Explore basic hand building and wheel-throwing skills with this beginner/ intermediate course. Focus on learning to make different shapes using the wheel or hand-building skills like pinching, coiling, and slab building. Use your shapes to create utilitarian pottery or sculptural forms. Bring your ideas for specific forms you’d like to learn to make. Class will offer demonstrations and individualized instruction. No clay experience necessary. Materials are included.

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Acrylic Painting Explorations

Monday evenings in March & May
Doug Garder

Acrylics are versatile, and you can make them behave like oil paints! Learn how to use gloss and gel mediums to enliven and propel the acrylics into thick and thin layers across the surface of your painting support, whether it be a canvas or on paper. The nice thing is that you can’t make a mistake, because acrylics dry so fast and you can repaint your surface quickly. A variety of subjects, including landscapes, portraits, still-life, and non-objective approaches can be explored. As far as color choices go, you can juxtapose warm against cool, intense and achromatic, and learn how to mix your complements to achieve a wide range of hues, just like the Impressionists did in the 1800’s!

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Intermediate to Advanced Watercolor

Tuesday mornings in March & April
Frank Zeller

This class alternates between formal lessons and independent work. When appropriate, each lesson includes a handout describing the steps and colors needed to finish the work. Critiques are given every Tuesday morning for completed works. Demonstrations are presented following the methods described in a handout, prior to independent work. Please register at least 2 weeks in advance for this class.

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Flower Arranging

March 7, April 18, April 26, May 4
Ginnie Peterson & Therese Sexe

Ginnie Peterson and Therese Sexe from Crocus Hill Studio will teach you how to make beautiful floral arrangements in these fun classes. Sign up for 1 or take them all!

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All Clay/Special Topics

Tuesday mornings in March – May
Joshua Woof

Every week learn something new with clay. Expand your skill set, and get feedback where needed. Discuss pottery and hand-building techniques. Discuss glazing and design. Understand how ceramic materials work together. This class is centered around individual development, and discussions based on a group interest.

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Painting with Dan Mackerman

Tuesday afternoons in March – June
Dan Mackerman

This is a painting class taught by demonstration. Watch demos (such as brushwork, clean colors, and layering) and work on personal projects. Reference books, field trips, and critiques are applied as needed to release your inner fauve! Solvent-free oil painting dating back to the time of Rembrandt is highlighted but any opaque media such as pastel or acrylic are also welcome. Drawing experience recommended.

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Drawing from the Paper Up

4 Tuesdays, March 7-28, 6:00-8:00 PM
Julie Erickson

This class is for those who have a desire to draw but have had little or no prior drawing instruction, as well as those who have held back from signing up for beginning drawing classes, fearing it may be assumed that the ‘basics’ are already known. This is a true introductory drawing class, and it will be assumed that you have not had much, if any, prior drawing instruction. The atmosphere will be light and fun and no ‘natural ability’ is required, so come and discover the joys of drawing. After completing this class, you will have the knowledge, tools, and confidence to draw on your own and sign up for other drawing classes. We will learn the differences in and uses of various pencils, pencil strokes, papers, erasers, shading and measuring tools, how to lay out a drawing, as well as some bonus advanced tips and techniques. Drawing will be done from photos provided by the instructor.

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Wooden Spoon & JicJack Carving

4 Tuesdays, March 7-28, 6:30-8:30 PM
Fred Livesay

Learn to woodcarve! This course taught by Fred Livesay of North House Folk School and Milan Village Arts School will teach you how to make wooden spoons or JicJacks (knee puppets) for the musically inclined. This is a beginner’s wood carving class; all tools and wood will be provided by the instructor.

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Still Water and Reflections

4 Tuesdays, March 7-28, 6:30-9:00 PM
Catherine Hearding

Living in Minnesota, water necessarily plays an important part in any landscape that we paint. In this class, instruction will focus on still water and reflections. Using a three-step watercolor process, you will learn how to create believable reflections, while simplifying your landscape to basic shapes and values. You will learn how to leave out unnecessary detail and create a unified and dynamic painting. Elements of basic landscape design, palette selection, paint application, and expressive color will be discussed. Experience with watercolor required.

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