Acrylic Painting Explorations

Monday evenings in March & May
Doug Garder

Acrylics are versatile, and you can make them behave like oil paints! Learn how to use gloss and gel mediums to enliven and propel the acrylics into thick and thin layers across the surface of your painting support, whether it be a canvas or on paper. The nice thing is that you can’t make a mistake, because acrylics dry so fast and you can repaint your surface quickly. A variety of subjects, including landscapes, portraits, still-life, and non-objective approaches can be explored. As far as color choices go, you can juxtapose warm against cool, intense and achromatic, and learn how to mix your complements to achieve a wide range of hues, just like the Impressionists did in the 1800’s!

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Flower Arranging

March 7, April 18, April 26, May 4
Ginnie Peterson & Therese Sexe

Ginnie Peterson and Therese Sexe from Crocus Hill Studio will teach you how to make beautiful floral arrangements in these fun classes. Sign up for 1 or take them all!

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All Clay/Special Topics

Tuesday mornings in March – May
Joshua Woof

Every week learn something new with clay. Expand your skill set, and get feedback where needed. Discuss pottery and hand-building techniques. Discuss glazing and design. Understand how ceramic materials work together. This class is centered around individual development, and discussions based on a group interest.

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Painting with Dan Mackerman

Tuesday afternoons in March – June
Dan Mackerman

This is a painting class taught by demonstration. Watch demos (such as brushwork, clean colors, and layering) and work on personal projects. Reference books, field trips, and critiques are applied as needed to release your inner fauve! Solvent-free oil painting dating back to the time of Rembrandt is highlighted but any opaque media such as pastel or acrylic are also welcome. Drawing experience recommended.

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The Path of Wood Firing: Workshop

7 Tuesdays, March 7- April 18, 6:30-9:00 PM at WBCA,
Thursday-Sunday, April 20-23 loading and firing kiln in St. Joseph,
Sunday, April 30 unloading kiln in St. Joseph
JD Jorgenson

Experience an extensive wood firing workshop, which includes discussions and considerations for firing wood kilns. Topics to be covered range from glazing and loading to the interactions between fire and form. Teaching artist JD Jorgenson will discuss different styles of wood kilns, wood-fire philosophy, and clay bodies and glazes appropriate for wood firing. White Bear Center for the Arts is excited to continue the partnership with JD Jorgenson and his studio to wood fire in St. Joseph, MN, about an hour and half northwest of White Bear Lake. Students will meet 7 times at White Bear Center for the Arts for discussions and open studio time. Later, they will meet in St. Joseph for 3-4 days to load and fire one of the wood burning kilns to temperatures between cone 6 and cone 10. We will meet one final time to unload the kiln. This workshop is designed for intermediate through advanced handbuilders and wheel-throwers. No wood firing experience necessary. Materials are included. All participants should be onsite for the whole firing process.

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Tuesday Evening Clay

Tuesday evenings in March-May (new dates added!)
Zac Spates

Come explore the endless possibilities in clay! Although this course is self-guided, each class will start with a short demonstration or show-and-tell followed by time to work on individual projects: throwing techniques, hand-building, surface decoration and form resolution, etc. Zac will work with students one-on-one to discuss projects and troubleshoot conceptual and construction issues. Over the course of the quarter, you will build your ceramics vocabulary and develop work that is unique to you. All levels are welcome. Materials are included.

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Learn to Weave: “Windows to the Soul” Scarf

Wednesday, March 8 or Saturday, May 20, 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Jeanne Molamphy

Weave an elegant and airy scarf in a fraction of the time it takes to knit or crochet. This is a very easy piece for beginners using a Cricket Rigid Heddle loom and pick-up stick.

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Pen & Ink Drawing

Wednesday afternoons in March – May
Doug Garder

Do you like fine line work, like Albrecht Durer’s engravings or Rembrandt’s etchings? Explore the nuances of drawing with a variety of steel pen nibs on white paper to create graphically concise images, using stippling & cross-hatching to build your tonal variations. Perhaps add a light wash of watercolor afterwards to perk things up! Bring in some landscape or lizard photos to work from and see what you can do. Many demonstrations will be offered.

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Basic, Structured Techniques for Realistic Oil Painting

Thursday afternoons in March – June
Dan Patterson

In this class you’ll start by learning the basics of realistic painting. The first 2 weeks will deal primarily in gray shades concentrating on the techniques of shading, blending, soft edges, and the importance of seeing all the details on an object. The last 2 weeks will deal with a small color composition of your own. You’ll also learn the techniques in painting surfaces such as flat, spherical objects and cloth. This class is open to artists with some oil painting experience looking to achieve that next level of realistic oil painting. No drawing experience necessary.

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Becoming a Better Painter in Oils or Acrylics

Friday, March 10 (new!), Wednesdays in March – May
Mary Jo Van Dell
You will quickly notice an improvement in your work with the instruction and ideas you receive in this workshop. You will be personally coached and encouraged to develop or better individual skill and style. Come with an open mind and blank canvas to refresh your passion for painting. Subject matter is up to you. Starting a new piece is preferable but you may also bring a piece in progress. This is the perfect workshop to bring that idea that’s been haunting you to life or to start that big canvas you’ve always wanted to do. A small canvas is fine too! Enthusiasm and some experience are required for this class.

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